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Friday, September 23, 2011

No Job Too Small

I am obsessed that I have no one around who can move heavy objects. 

We've already established that I know how to do plenty on my own but is it so bad that I miss having a man around for certain tasks? (Haven't men been keeping women around for certain tasks forever?)

This is when I'm at a loss on my own: 
  • When I have to move the washing machine.
  • When a roach won't die.
  • When trash is gross.
  • When the pizza arrives and I'm in my underwear.
Where is he? the coyboy? the sailor? the investment banker? the musician? the ambulance driver? the teacher? the actor? the basketball player? The man of my dreams? 

Until he fixes his GPS, others swoosh in and swoosh out, leaving debris in their wake.

They are the ones who know how to move things but don't know how to put them back. 

They waltz in, all strong and handsome, and move heavy objects to my hearts delight. They shake things up, they rock my world, and then they go. 

  • They moved the washing machine but it's in the dining room.
  • They killed the roach but his relatives are here for the memorial service.
  • The trash is still gross but at least it has pizza in it. 
I don't know what's holding up my dream guy. 

Maybe I'm losing it. I am afraid that what was once "come hither" has turned into "come hither and hoist me out of this chair".

But it will be OK. 

It always is. 


  1. You remind me of one of my teachers that I visit every week. I'm a technician and I go from school to school repairing their laptops, but I always finish early and I end up helping all my teachers. It's not my job, but I was taught to always help ladies.

    There's this one teacher in particular whom I prefer seeing because every time I help her move or lift things, she tells me how great it is to have a man around. It's definitely flattering. Granted she's not in her underwear, but it's a nice thing to feel wanted. Even if it's for tasks.

  2. That's very gentlemanly of you.

  3. I can add to that list: Someone who can carry my 3yo up three flights of stairs so that I don't have to wake her up to walk when we come home late.
    Someone to carry the suitcase, epecially up and down the stairs.
    Someone to climb up and change the lightbulbs (of course I can - but I don't).
    Someone to occupy my daughter for 40 minutes while I cook, finish some work, do something else.
    By the time he gets here she'll be grown up and I won't need him.

  4. But you'll still need someone to move heavy objects.

  5. Hee hee! I'm married and I still need that guy! Not that my husband is great when he's around, but it always seems like things need doing when he's not. Like you said, though, it all ends up okay.

  6. Thanks for chiming in! I am enjoying your blog!

  7. Oh man, you just nailed it. Of all the things I wanted when I was a single mom, I really, really NEEDED a man to move the heavy stuff. It would have been great to have a man to put together furniture or kill the bugs too, but mostly, I needed a strong pair of hands to move the things my short little self could not. I hear ya!

  8. Today I came out of work and had a flat tire. I called the road service. That's like having a man around, right?

  9. True... partners do come in handy for more than just companionship. Your thoughts prove that there are the times when we do miss having that extra set of muscles around. In life we do have to learn to take the good with the bad~
    Fact is, ones need to be independent of a relationship does have its drawbacks ~

  10. Thanks for your comment Dorothy. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!