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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Play in Three Acts


Scene 1: Olden Times (circa before internet).

  • Girl holds out hope for a week that Boy from blind date arranged by meddling aunts is interested. 
  • Boy not calling.
  • Girl calls Boy.
  • Boy not answering. 
  • Girl spends additional week justifying why. 
  • Girl runs out of justifications.
  • One ton of bricks falls on girls head.
  • Boy makes his point that he is not interested.
  • Girl goes on with her life. 
  • Disappointment Factor: 1 Boy over Two Weeks

Scene 2: Present Day.

  • Girl drinks coffee in front of computer.
  • Girl logs onto 5 internet dating sites. 
  • Girl sends messages to 7 attractive Boys.
  • Girl makes second cup of coffee.
  • Girl notices that 7 Boys have looked at her profile.
  • Girl notices that 7 Boys have logged out.
  • Girl notices that her inbox is empty.
  • Girl is sorry she didn't buy ice cream.
  • Disappointment Factor: 7 Boys over 10 Minutes

Closing Scene: Future

  • Girl in urban all night mini market paying for kitty litter and various sundries. Girl  goes back for ice cream and meets Boy of her dreams in the freezer section.
  • Girl knew that loyalty to Ben and Jerry's would eventually pay off.

No question that the sheer number of disappointments is the price of the sheer number of opportunites. 

For now, I just hope that if cyberspace doesn't offer (true) love, I'll eventually find my Boy  in the freezer section.  At least he'll be well preserved.



  1. Brilliant! I seriously believe that scenario 3 is the most likely - these things often happen when we've given up and are thinking about other things.

  2. Thanks!! I'm so glad you liked it.