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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Luck


One hour to New Year's Eve and I don't feel a bit sentimental. I don't feel like I'm missing any parties and I am certainly glad to be off the roads.

My promise to myself to file all of my 2011 papers before 2012 seems to be hanging out with my promise to go to the gym every day. 

My New Year's Resolutions are repeating themselves and my immediate concern for the new year is that I remember to write the correct year on my checks. 

There's a limit to how many years I can go with no one special to kiss at midnight before I relegate the whole celebration to another "couples only" event designed to keep the singles out of sight. Oh. But if there IS a singles new years eve party that I would ever choose to go to, it is designed as yet another opportunity to make us half a couple. 

In Israel, thank goodness, it isn't a holiday. One reprieve from the onslaught of holidays. 

So here we go again. I'll wake up at my usual time to go to work tomorrow.  If I remember, just before 7am, I'll change the channel to a US news station to get my annual I-used-to-live-in-America fix of the ball dropping in Times Square. I'll smile for a few minutes and say that looks like fun. 

A lot of "good luck in the new year" go around and a lot of good wishes, but business as usual. 

Unfortunately, I have developed an aversion to Good Lucks. 

For me they are usually tagged onto replies on dating sites:  "Thanks, but no thanks, but Hey, good luck to you!".

Shoot me now.