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Saturday, November 26, 2011

GPS For Sale

I have got to get myself a better road map. If love is just around the corner, I must be in the wrong neighborhood. 

With my luck, love is teetering on a brink somewhere. It is outstretching its hand to me, begging me to save it from the precarious precipice. But too many cookies, and that extra weight sends us plunging over the edge. 

I hate the cliche that all the good guys are either married or gay but I'm on the verge of believing it. 

If I am to believe all the profiles on the internet dating sites, great men are a dime a dozen. Yet I seem to be a penny short  because it's been a while since I met any of them. I may have thought they were great for a while, but I was wrong. 

So at this point, I read the profiles for the entertainment value. I will paraphrase some of the recurrent themes for you.
  • "I hate to talk about myself, but if I have to... I am wonderful, witty, smart, considerate, a great lover, your best friend..."

  • "Ready for chapter two. Understand what true love is. No fat women please"

  • "I am a father to 3 wonderful children who are my whole life... they take up much of time so if you expect any attention from me please don't write to me."

  • "My motto in life is live and let live. I am looking for a woman who will not try to change me, who gives me space to breathe, who has her own money..."
This one always puzzles me:
  • "I would like to meet a woman who is clean."
 So you can tell that I don't have too much to say about my search for Mr. Right.  I'm doing everything in my power to keep the bar set high enough that I don't settle for Mr. Not-Comatose.

As always. I will keep you posted.

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