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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Other Side

I went swimming on Saturday. I went out in the rain, drove to the pool, donned my flippers and goggles and claimed a lane. With the grace of an Olympian, I quickly found my groove. I summoned my swimmer-self, and to a cheering crowd (in my head) I counted 30 laps.

After 30 laps, the crowd got bored and my mind wandered. I don't know how many laps I did, but I experienced an hallucinatory awakening. I saw the other side. And guess what? Women and men are not so different....

"Wow. I am so into swimming. This feels great. I'm going to do this every day."
(Of course I want to meet the woman of my dreams and be in a loving, long term relationship.)

"I can't wait to come back to the pool tomorrow."
(Definitely we will meet for dinner this weekend. I'll call you tomorrow to finalize.)

"I have SO found my rhythm. I can't believe I haven't been doing this every day."
(Where have you been all my life?)

"Just because I always buy health club memberships that I never use doesn't mean I won't use it now. This swimming feels so great."
(The only reason I am 50 and a bachelor is because I haven't met the right woman. But all that has changed, now that I met you.)

"Exercise is so important to my health. I can't believe I have not incorporated sport into my life."
(A man shouldn't be alone. Having a relationship is a top priority for me).

"I'm going to swim next to that woman. Her butt is bigger than mine."
(You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. No one cares about a few extra pounds at our age)....

Surprise surprise... 5 days later, my bathing suit is dry as a bone, and my hair does not reek of chlorine. But I REALLY enjoy swimming and really INTEND to do it every day.

Maybe BOTH  men and women pave the road to hell with good intentions.

And even if I don't swim every day,  I am still one step closer to understanding why men act the way they do.


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