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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Groucho was Right.


Someone wants to have coffee with me tonight.
I had one conversation with him last night and he called me this morning.

In the course of the next few hours I will determine everything that is wrong with him.
After all, he wants to have coffee with me.

It matters little that I saw him on a dating site and I wrote to him. He answered. So something is wrong with him.

What does it matter that he turned out to be a lawyer who enjoys travelling, theater and cinema and wants to be in a relationship? He answered. So something must be wrong with him.

Here is everything that is wrong with him so far:

1.      He told me he would call me at 10pm and he did.
2.      He coughed twice.
3.      He used the speaker on his phone.
4.      He asked me if I like Israel.
5.      He asked me if I like to dance.
6.      He asked me if I go to a gym.
7.      He was impressed that I am at work at 8am

I am one step away from Elaine's famous breakup over punctuation.

Do I really want to be in a club that would have me as a member?

I'll let you know when my self-esteem gets the memo from my new thinner self advising of the changes.