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Friday, February 5, 2016

Horizontal Stripes


Yesterday I almost bought a shirt with horizontal stripes. 

"Almost" being the operative word here, it's not fair to buy Horizontal Stripes without a nod to my readers.  However few you may be, you are loyal.

I soon celebrate 3 months of Gastric Sleeve surgery. At 17 kilos lighter (multiply by 2.2 for pounds), I am on the path I sought: the path of renewal, of re-affirmation, of re-defining, of re-organizing, of re-thinking. 

As heroic as it all sounds, it comes with re-prisals, re-grets, re-jection, re-tardation, and re-ally shitty moments.

  • I am thinking of changing the format of this blog, but that comes with a sense of failure about the present format. Why do I have 18,670 views and only 11 followers?
  • I am thinking about giving up my shop Carmel Gifts. Why do my competitors do so well with such ugly sites and spelling errors until kingdom come and I have only sporadic orders?
  • Why doesn't anyone click through my links to Amazon so that I can earn a few extra pennies?
  • Why don't any of the dating sites yield dates? We should rename them write-to-handsome-men-my-own-age-and-get-no-answer sites.
Take all the complaints and keep in mind that I only have 20% of a stomache. Comfort eating is no longer an option. (Read my last post...)

True, I'm already lookin' pretty hot, but damn I miss Ben and Jerry.

I now go to the gym and dare to choose a treadmill in front of the mirror. 
I now look good in jeans.
I now am DYING to run into an ex boyfriend.
I keep humming "...and Suzie wore here sweaters tight..." (Kudos to my kids who bought me tix to Elton John).

These 17 kilos in less than 3 months are only a fraction of the weight loss I can expect, only the start to actually enjoying life. 

So here we go, daring to do something different with the blog, and posting a picture of myself before and now.

And thanks for listening to me whine. I promise to be funnier in my next post.
Left, the day before surgery. Right, a week ago. Middle, somewhere in between.


  1. Looking great! And no one follows anymore, they just drop in a view. You are on my blog list so all your posts pop up on my blog but I'm not shown as a follower. Hope that helps.

  2. Yes it does. Thanks so much for the kind words.