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Friday, August 16, 2013

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that I will make enough money one day to pay off my mortgage. 
I have a dream that one day my errant soulmate will find me.

Now, here are my real dreams:
I dreamt that my entire house was filled with laundry that needed folding.
I dreamt that my house was surrounded by masked bandits.
I dreamt that all the good toilet stalls were taken and I had to pee in public. 

I recently went on a singles weekend to Eilat and was so disenchanted that I didn't care that I was seen in a bathing suit. Of course there were about 4 men to 50 women. 

Of the 4 about 2 were semi normal and he got my phone number... He even called me. 

We had a nice date. Really. We went out again. 

At some point I couldn't hold it back anymore and I started correcting his grammar.  

I think he barely noticed because he had stopped listening somewhere around appetizers on the second date. One of those people that call you and start right in talking from the middle of the conversation, as if you have been privy to their thoughts for the last hour. 

I still get dressed to run errands lest I meet someone. And of course that can't happen if I am wearing sneakers and no makeup. 

I hold the gaze of someone who I think is cute and bat my ever thinning eyelashes. 

I haven't given up. Keep rooting for me.

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