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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Soul Music


I got a "new" car 6 months ago. I still haven't moved any CDs from the house to the car so I have been at the mercy of the radio; but I did finally give in and add music to my smart phone, once I learned that I can attach a cable to the car radio and listen. It only took me another two months to find the cable at a normal price. And voila. As of today, I have the perfect music in my car, and no warped CDs. 

I realized this morning on my way to work, how qualitatively different it is to listen to music in the morning than to listen to the news. 

I've mentioned here before that music has a way of setting me off into deep sadness. However, today it was different. The resulting melancholy blues notwithstanding, I realized how much closer I have become to defining myself without defining me in relationship to others. I was able to listen to music without remembering who I was with the last time I heard that song, or worse yet, who I wish I could be with while listening the song right now. 

OK. So I did sneak in a who-I-wish-I-could-be-with or two, and he knows who he is, but it didn't put me over the edge. 

Listening to the music I love, and not wallowing in self-pity, was a big step for me this morning. 

Listening to the music I love brought me back to this blog, with the understanding that it didn't just have to be about my search for a man anymore. 

This blog could now be just about being. 

I have decided that 2013 is my year.

Wish me luck.  

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  1. Good for you, having a man in your life does not equate to happiness. As a women who has been married twice as you mentioned, it surprises me that you feel that way. I am a single women who is in her 50's and it can be difficult to be alone on occasion but generally it is very liberating to live your life exactly how you choose. I am an Aries too and I do think we. Tend to be too romantic in nature. I was in Irael a couple of years ago and loved it.