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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Supersize Me


Lots of adventures in the last month. 

"Adventures" might be overstating it, lets settle on challenges:

Challenges to keep my wits.
Challenges to keep my dignity.
Challenges to hold my tongue.
Challenges to not beat someone about the head and thorax mercilessly. 
Challenges to not bake and eat cheese cake.

Successes: I didn't beat anyone about the head and thorax mercilessly. 

I had a few dates. I paid. And when I didn't pay we had a lovely walk on the beach. 
Spare me. 
I want someone to wine and dine me. Not whine and supersize me. 
So not generous of me. So 1950's of me. Lots of things to do that don't cost money. But, crap. I do them all myself already.

I am trying hard not discount someone because I don't like the cuff on their jeans. But  6 inches? Really?

Is it so out of the question to want someone that makes my heart skip a beat, at least at the beginning? Someone who takes my breath away, even if just for a second? Someone who pays on the first date, even if it is old fashoned? 

I could be in a long phase, and eventually I'll get over it and settle for the next best thing.

Until then, I'll keep dreaming. 

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