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Friday, March 13, 2015

At Least I Never Changed My Status on Facebook


I am so pissed at Hollywood. 

Apparently, a sad ex-lover never shows up at your door dissheveled and morose.
His friends don't call you to tell you he is a broken man.
And you don't get a do-over.  

After a reasonable amount of wallowing, I (YET AGAIN (wtf)) pulled myself up and brushed myself off. 

No world catastrophes when I took him off Speed Dial, although the weather did suddenly get super stormy.

Despite my last entry, I still hadn't added him to my emergency numbers. 
I must have sensed already that "Call in Case of Emergency" will be perpetually relegated to my children and first ex-husband. 

I suspect that somewhere deep inside, my equilibrium is set to status Single because I never changed my status on Facebook.

Imagine the quantum physics of a changed Facebook status back to single. 

  • The tide might never ebb.
  • The Salmon might stay downstream.
  • Cumulonimbus clouds might never dissipate.
  • Candian Geese might Winter in Buffalo.
  • Vesuvius might bury Pompeii.
I am already responsibile for two wars in the Middle East which coincided with my divorces. I don't think I could handle any more responsibility.

So, for now, there you have it. This blog is not obsolete yet. 

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  1. Oh well. Bring on the next. I feel safe to be flippant as I'm writing this almost 9 months later (and no baby was born - hahaha).