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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

I'm back. I wish I could say that, since I wrote last,  I've been swooped away by Mr. Right. But I haven't.

I've been distracted by my online store. I've experienced major entrepeneurial coups which are sure to change the face of e-commerce as we know it. Unfortunately, they all take place inside my head. 

I've also slipped into a funk here and there and found vegetating a satisfactory way to pass the evening. 

I know what has/had me down. My Life as a Thumbnail pretty much continues to sum up my experiences.  I wrote that entry months ago and I am fairly impressed with myself that my ideas remain relevant in my own little universe. On the flip side, I had hoped that this entire blog - sneaking up on a year pretty soon - would have run its course by now and STOPPED being relevant at all.  

I should have been spending this winter sharing body heat with my soul mate, rather than  searching for the thermal underwear I bought a few years ago. 

But rummage through closets I did, and the time was well spent. I found a lot of winter clothes that I had forgotten about. 

I will, of course, be buying new closets since mine shrink things.



  1. "...and still looking for Mr. Right in the back of the fridge." I usually find Mr. Peanut in the back of the fridge, and Mr. Clean under the kitchen sink. Mr. Softee has good taste, but I guess that having him as a soulmate would be kind of, uh, pointless.